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What Makes Us Different

ILN is believed to be the only network of American law firms dedicated to serving non-US clients. ILN was founded on the principle that it should be as easy for a non-US company to select and work with American legal counsel as it is for that company to select and work with legal counsel in its home country.

Unlike many multinational law firms - which may have many offices but international litigation specialists in only a few locations - ILN's international litigation specialists are located in all of the major commercial centers throughout the United States.

The lawyers of ILN have experience in representing non-US companies in all aspects of commercial litigation - from New York to California, and from Minnesota to Miami.

Our vast experience in international commercial disputes - in particular, requests for discovery (evidence) in the United States and the enforcement of non-US judgments - makes us uniquely qualified to provide prompt and efficient legal services to any non-US company that needs assistance of US counsel.

Some of the advantages for non-US companies in working with ILN are the following:
  • Our Specialization Helps You: Each member firm in the ILN network has been carefully selected, based upon its experience in representing non-US clients in commercial or litigation matters, and many of the law firms in the ILN network include leaders of the American Bar Association and/or state bar associations. The International Litigation Network was conceived in early 2005, with the input of experienced counsel from outside the United States; the founders of ILN carefully reviewed the qualifications and experience of law firms in the major cities of the United States in order to locate the most appropriate law firms for inclusion in ILN.
  • Greater Availability Than Most Law Firms: The ILN law firms have pooled their collective resources to make international litigation specialists available, by phone, during the business day in Europe, Africa, and most of the Middle East (in other words, before almost all other American lawyers have started their day). ILN is thus able to save many clients the inconvenience of having to wait at least five hours (sometimes up to ten hours) to communicate directly with the lawyers handling their US legal matters. The effect of such teaming is that many non-American clients have the opportunity to speak with counsel during the client's business day.
  • Reasonable Rates: Because the law firms in the ILN network are smaller than the national or multinational law firms, the rates of the ILN firms are substantially lower than those of larger American firms.
If you or your company has a matter that requires assistance of US counsel, we suggest that you contact us.