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Enforcing Non-US Judgments

For some lawyers, the distance between you and the defendant is an obstacle.

For us, it is the routine.
Most of the fifty states of the United States have adopted a statute that provides, as a general rule, for the enforcement of money-judgments rendered by courts outside of the US (even though the United States is not party to any treaty on the enforcement of judgments).

Nonetheless, to lawyers and non-lawyers alike, the topic of recognition in the United States of non-US judgments can be confusing, because American principles of jurisdiction often seem at odds with jurisdictional principles in other countries.

The law firms in ILN have substantial experience with issues concerning the enforceability of non-US judgments in American courts.  Many of the lawyers in our firms have lived and worked outside the United States.  We are experienced in explaining non-American procedures to American courts, and our non-US clients benefit from that experience.

  • Non-US companies frequently contact our attorneys in advance of commencing a law suit outside of the United States in order to determine the likelihood of enforceability, in the US, of a future judgment by a non-US court. Our clients often find that the time invested in having US counsel review draft pleadings before they are filed with a non-US court reaps substantial benefits when it becomes necessary to enforce a resulting judgment in the United States.
  • In many enforcement cases, we have succeeded in obtaining ex parte orders of attachment on the American assets of the judgment debtor(s).
  • Some of the attorneys in ILN have, in their home jurisdictions, litigated issues of enforcement of foreign judgments before that state's Supreme Court.

ILN's collective experience in representing non-US companies in enforcing judgments before American courts is second to none. 

Because the ILN law firms cover almost every major commercial center of the United States, it is likely that, wherever you need to enforce a judgment in the United States, one of the ILN firms can assist you.