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About Us

The International Litigation Network is a group of several American law firms that specializes in representing non-US clients in: We founded ILN because we know that, for any non-US company, having to retain legal counsel in the United States in connection with a contentious matter is often a tedious and costly endeavor.

ILN was established:
  1. to make it as easy as possible for non-US clients to evaluate and retain American attorneys with substantial experience in international commercial disputes and related matters, and
  2. to use the collective capabilities of experienced lawyers, throughout the United States, to provide the most efficient services possible.
Using this web site and our two-staged conflicts-check procedure, ILN enables a potential client from anywhere in the world to share with us the minimum amount of information to enable us to determine (a) whether we would have any conflict of interest and (b) whether we are likely to be able to assist you in the specified legal matter:
  • When you initiate contact with ILN, there is no need to disclose the name of any party adverse to you or your company;
  • After we determine that there would be no conflict in representing you, the law firm in the geographical area where you are likely to need legal services will contact you, directly, in order to complete the conflicts-check procedure;
  • After that law firm is formally retained, ILN will make a preliminary assessment of your likelihood of success in the specified matter.
Although the selection of legal counsel should rarely be made on the basis of cost alone, the fees charged by the ILN law firms are substantially lower than those of national or multinational law firms.

Our "Core Services" -- evidence-gathering under section 1782 of the federal judicial code, and enforcing non-US judgments in American courts -- are described in detail elsewhere on our web site.

If you, your company, or your client needs the assistance of counsel in the United States regarding matters other than our Core Services, ILN can probably help you in those cases too. Feel free to contact us.