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San Francisco Firm Obtains Dismissal On Behalf of Middle Eastern Manufacturer
January 2015
In connection with a lawsuit asserting alleged violations of the Independent Wholesale Sales Representatives Contractual Relations Act, the ILN firm in San Francisco has obtained an order of dismissal. The dismissal was based on a forum selection clause in the agreement between the manufacturer and the California plaintiff. This case was the first decision enforcing a forum selection clause, calling for litigation outside of the United States, involving claims under the Independent Wholesale Sales Representatives Contractual Relations Act.
Atlanta Firm Recognized For Excellence by Local Bar Magazine
May 2013
The firm has been cited for its “entrepreneurial environment,” which distinguishes it from other law firms.
Major Section 1782 Victory For Miami Firm
June 2012
The Miami ILN firm recently scored a major victory on behalf of a non-American party to a non-US arbitration. The Miami ILN firm successfully argued before the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit that a non-American arbitrator is a “tribunal” within the meaning of Section 1782.
Miami Firm Retained By French Company
April 2009
The Florida ILN firm recently was retained by a French company, in connection with litigation involving propulsion system used in cruise ships. The case involves claims for breach of contract, contribution, indemnity, and breach of fiduciary duty.
ILN Publishes White Paper on Proposed CIT Amendment
August, 2008
The International Litigation Network has published a White Paper concerning the proposed legislation before the U.S. Congress to expand the jurisdiction of the U.S. Court of International Trade to include adjudicating motions to recognize arbitral awards granted by non-U.S. arbitrators.

In light of the increase in recent years in the use of arbitration to resolve international commercial disputes, the proposal has generated significant controversy among international practitioners in the United States.

To view a copy of of ILN's White paper, please click here.
Vietnamese Company Retains ILN Firm
May 2008
The ILN firm in Southern California has commenced an arbitration on behalf of a Vietnamese company against an American company relating to a failed real estate investment in California.
ILN Firm Representing Manufacturer Against Chinese Company
April 2008
A U.S. manufacturer/exporter has retained the ILN firm in Southern California to represent it in a law suit against a Chinese-owned company based in Canada. The case involves breach of contract claims arising from a representation and distribution agreement.
ILN's DC Firm Retained in Int'l Shipping Case
April 2008
The ILN firm in Washington, D.C. has been retained by three worldwide shipping companies, including those with operations in London, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and Bermuda. The representation deals with a dispute in federal court with the U.S. government regarding the lease and sale of shipping containers.
Middle Eastern Company Retains ILN Firm
April 2008
A Middle East-based manufacturer has retained an ILN firm to analyze the likelihood of enforcing, in the United States, a judgment from the manufacturer's home country against the former American distributor of the manufacturer's products. The litigation before the court in the Middle East -- which is still pending -- involves claims for breach of contract, copyright infringement, and trademark infringement.
ILN Mentioned Prominently in International Litigation Quarterly
March 18, 2008
The current edition of the American Bar Association's International Litigation Quarterly features an article on international discovery, prominently mentioning ILN.

To view a copy of of the article, please click here.
ILN Firm Retained By Georgian Company
February 2008
The ILN firm in a southern state has been retained by a company from the Republic of Georgia in defense of a commercial dispute in the United States.
ILN's Atlanta Firm Retained by Belgian Conglomerate
December 2007
The ILN firm in Atlanta has been retained by a major Belgian flooring company to defend a breach of contract action commenced in Georgia.
ILN's Phoenix Firm Featured In Cross-Border Litigation Panel
October 25, 2007
A senior partner of the ILN firm for Phoenix was a featured speaker on international discovery, sponsored by the US-Mexico Bar Association, in San Antonio, October 24-26.
ILN Firm Obtains Ex Parte 1782 Order In Minnesota
September 13, 2007
On behalf of a Canadian client that is a party to an arbitration in Israel, the ILN law firm in Minnesota obtained (in June 2007) an ex parte order for the production of documents and the answering of written questions (interrogatories); the order was granted by the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota. The district court subsequently denied a motion by the Minnesota resident to vacate (cancel) the order. The case is believed to be one of the few (perhaps the first) ex parte 1782 orders granted by a court in the Eighth Circuit.