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A revolution is taking place in the world of commercial litigation, and the attorneys in the INTERNATIONAL LITIGATION NETWORK™ are at the forefront of that revolution.

In recent years, business people worldwide who need the services of American lawyers have learned that experienced, knowledgeable, and quality attorneys in non-national law firms are available to provide them and their companies with first-rate legal services and that, as a result, it is not necessary to retain a national (or transnational) law firm merely because a business or legal matter is international in nature.

Mindful of this new reality, several non-national law firms in the major cities of the United States founded the INTERNATIONAL LITIGATION NETWORK. ILN is believed to be the only network of American law firms dedicated to representing non-US clients in section 1782 proceedings and foreign-judgment enforcement proceedings.

The law firms in the INTERNATIONAL LITIGATION NETWORK include leaders of the American Bar Association and of State bar associations throughout the US. ILN's collective experience in representing non-US companies in commercial litigation is second to none.
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